Panchita Restaurante (Lima, Peru)

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My wife’s friend told us that this restaurant is a must when you go to Lima. It is in Miraflores district and it is close to a huge shopping center/mall, Larcormar. We stayed at Sheraton Lima and they were offering free shuttles to Larcormar every 2 hours. We took a taxi from Larcomar and the cost was 10 soles (don’t be afraid to bargain in Peru).

I was so excited because they have cuy (Guinea Pig) on the menu as it is not available in the U.S. This dish is a delicacy in the Andes (mountain parts of Peru). My wife and I ordered quite a few dishes. We ordered Lomo Saltado (beef stew), Cuy, & Anti-cuchos.

Chicha Morada

Before our dishes arrived, we were given breads and they were so good but they were not free (If I remember correctly, it was around 7 soles). We also ordered Chicha Morada, which is pretty much a concoction of purple corn, pineapple juice, & cinnamon, and I could not stop drinking them.


Our main courses arrived and it did not disappoint, everything was delicious. Just to give a reference about cuy, it looked like and tasted very similar to squab but a little less gamey. Luckily, this place served the guinea pig cut up and without a head. The guinea pig was roasted and its skin tasted like pork skin (delicious) and the meat inside is super moist, though the meat was not that much. My wife and I had too much since we ordered 3 dishes and they were quite big. The Anti-Cuchos were good, but I had better. It was also the first time that I tried Lomo Saltado, it was very good. Lomo Saltado is very similar in look and taste to an Indonesian dish called “Bistik”, it is a common dish in Indonesia and I used to eat when I was growing up over there.

All in all, everything was good but it cost a pretty penny. The bill was around US$80 for the two of us, it was a pretty pricey meal. Is it worth the money? The answer is yes. This restaurant delivered and served quality food.