Jetblue All You Can Jet 2010 AYCJ 2nd weekend

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The second weekend of the AYCJ trip was in Portland, OR. I have never been to Oregon and it was really nice, especially for hiking and camping. The downside was the rain but it’s still alright.

Who can say no to this beautiful view?
Beautiful View

The camping site and the tent

The camping site was unfortunately right next to the railroad track :(
railroad from/to canada?

Started off the trip by going to Hood River bridge, this bridge connects Oregon state to Washington state.
Hood River Bridge

Then off to Bridge of the Gods (the bridge was behind the wheel :))
Bridge of the Gods

Another view of Bridge of the Gods (with couple inside)
Another view of bridge of the Gods

Cathedral Ridge Winery (getting drunk before going to the campsite was not such a bad idea)
Cathedral Ridge Logo
Cathedral Ridge
The Grapes
Pinot Noir

Bonneville Dam
Boneville Dam

The dam is maintained by US Army Corps of Engineers
US Army Corps of Engineers

Inside the dam, you get to see a bunch of Salmon and other fishes
some fish

Continue on to Horsetail Falls
Horsetail falls

Off to Widmer Brothers brewery
Widmer brothers

Love the smell of this hop

To Be Continued