Jetblue All You Can Jet 2010 AYCJ 1st weekend

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This was the second Year for Jetblue to have this promo. I paid one fixed price and I could go anywhere where Jetblue flies for a month. It’s not going to get any better than this. I went with a friend for the first AYCJ and I went my wife this time around. We did not go every day like most people do but we managed to go every weekend.

On this trip, we went to Austin, TX for the first weekend, Portland, OR for the second weekend, Orlando, FL for the third weekend, and lastly New York, NY. It was tiring but fun.

I took a lot of pictures during the AYCJ trip and I had to separate each trip into its own page.
The first stop in Austin, TX was the State Capitol. We lived in Austin before and it’s really good to be back.
State Library

State Capitol was under construction.
texas state capitol
State Capitol in Infra Red Vision
State Capitol IR

Now, let’s take a look inside!
state capitol glass door
state capitol wall

Cool floor
state capitol floor

Free Parking for visitor
State capitol parking lot

It’s time to replenish all the energy that was lost under the scorching Texas sun. How does BBQ sound? I’d say Yuuuumm! BBQ was the main reason to go back to Austin. There were 5 places on my list of pilgrimage.¬†They were: Salt Lick in Driftwood, Black’s BBQ, Smitty’s BBQ, Kreuz Market in Lockhart, and City Market in Luling.

The BBQ Pilgrimage 1 – Salt Lick BBQ

salt lick sign
BBQ doesn’t get any better than this, trust me on this one! The infamous Salt Lick BBQ.
salt lick menu

The plate was a tad small, but keep ’em coming! Note: They have BYOB policy (Bring Your Own Beer)
the holy grail of bbq

Could this be the secret? You tell me.
the pit

The BBQ Pilgrimage 2 – Black’s BBQ

A humble, small BBQ place in Lockhart. You can’t miss Black’s BBQ due to their overcrowding signs everywhere :-)
We’re supposed to go to Kreuz Market first, but they’re not open yet (yeah, we were 30 mins early). The 3 BBQ places were all nearby, the Kreuz Market, Black’s, and Smitty’s.
blacks bbq

It’s a nice welcoming Air Conditioned environment.
blacks bbq
blacks bbq inside
Blacks bbq meal
If you are going to Black’s, just get the brisket and the sausage (the Jalapeno cheese one). It’s good stuff.
I think they have the best briskets which bursts with smoky flavors.

The BBQ Pilgrimage 3 – Kreuz Market

This is the biggest BBQ place in Lockhart, though bigger doesn’t mean it’s better.
Kreuz Market
kreuz market interior

OK, I don’t like the idea of having no forks, no spoons, but knives only.
no forks, no spoons, only plastic knives!
I like their sausage so much but no so much on their briskets.
brisket and sausage

The BBQ Pilgrimage 4 – Smitty’s Market

My wife in front of Smitty’s Market
my wife & smitty's

We were greeted by intense heat!
the pit

The sausages and the briskets were alright. I got the fatty part of briskets and I think it was too oily for my taste bud.
Another sausages & briskets

The BBQ Pilgrimage 5 – City Market

city market storefront

The Last Lunch: Ribs & Briskets (+ Sausage Inside)
Last Pilgrimage

To wrap up the bbq pilgrimage: Taste is really subjective. To me, everything was good and each BBQ place had its own distinct taste. For best deal, I’d prefer Salt Lick night and day over any BBQ ($20 for all you can eat BBQ).