Canon EOS-M Mirrorless Camera Review

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This camera is small and pretty awesome for its price. These days, this camera can be acquired for around $330 with Canon EF-M 22mm STM pancake lens from Amazon (this used to be $1000 for just the body). You can buy it in 2 different flavors kit (Canon EF-M 22mm or Canon EF-M 18-55mm), EF-M is a new Canon mount just for this camera. However, an adapter can be purchased separately to install other Canon lens with EF & EF-S mount. The new Canon lenses also incorporate STM motor which is very silent, it is very useful when for video capture.

I have a 6D with Canon 17-40mm f/4L USM + Canon 24-105 f/4L IS USM, so I do not need the 22mm kit lens. I bought just the body for around $250. This camera was originally bought as a backup to replace a rather old Canon S95, surprisingly this EOS-M has become my favorite camera due to its weight and size. This camera is nowhere near perfect but for its price, I would say it is very close. This camera will deliver stunning image quality, however it does not perform well in a very dark lighting situation. ISO 6400 the maximum ISO and it is somewhat usable if it is re-sized to a small resolution. In addition to high noise at ISO 6400, the Auto Focus will go crazy. I had to use manual focus if I am in the darker areas, which is fine for me.

I have used the Canon 22mm kit lens, it was a great lens but it has a fixed focal length and it does not have image stabilization. I decided to go super wide angle with Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5 IS STM and it does not disappoint. I had to buy the EF-M to EF lens adapter to use this lens from Amazon for $60 (Canon OEM, white box). With this adapter, I can use all my Canon lenses, including the Canon “L” lenses.

There are 3 modes on the camera, Automatic, Creative, and Video modes. The automatic mode allows you to save in RAW, which is amazing. The creative mode will allow the use of Manual mode and other creative presets (which most people never use).

I would recommend this camera for everyone from a beginner to an expert (good as a backup camera). For the money, there is not a bad thing I can say about this camera. I did not experience any slowness in focus but I have had problems focusing in the darker areas (I believe most cameras have this limitation, including Canon 6D).

Below are sample pictures from Canon EOS-M, they have been reduced to 2000 pixels width.

Focal Length: 10mm, Aperture: f/7.1, Shutter: 1/80, ISO: 100

Credit goes to my wife. She took this picture and I think it looks amazing for a beginner.

Focal Length: 10mm, Aperture: f/5, Shutter: 1/30, ISO: 500

Focal Length: 10mm, Aperture: f/8, Shutter: 2, ISO: 800

Focal Length: 10mm, Aperture: f/5, Shutter: 1/80, ISO: 1600

Focal Length: 10mm, Aperture: f/5, Shutter: 1/30, ISO: 6400